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Elisabet González is an internationally recognized artist professionally known as “Artista Elisabet”. She is the child of Spanish parents and was born and raised in Germany. She spent her childhood and early professional life in Germany working in law enforcement and as a professional flamenco dancer, extensively travelling throughout Europe. The experiences of dance and her criminal justice work bring unique influences to her art and life with seriousness and healing. The joyful freedom she finds in her dance and music rhythms are expressed in the brushstrokes of her creations. Gifted with a diverse cultural identity and skillset, she brings a unique perspective to Houston's art community. Her work reveals a contemporary fusion of an eclectic, abstract and kaleidoscopic world. 

She found her unique artistic expressions through the “Power of Color”. Artista Elisabet concentrates on creating artistic expressions such as paintings, photography, sculptures, and life figure castings. The art incorporates handcrafts on diverse media including canvas, wood, and recycled materials. Additional interests include creative development in photography, public relations, marketing and production. Dubbed the eternal optimist and altruist human being by colleagues and community fellows, Artista Elisabet has significantly contributed her art to numerous philanthropic activities. 

As her creativity has matured, its manifestations have taken on forms that are more ethereal. The human figure often serves as a canvas to create a mold of the body, which is a daunting and difficult task. Through the creation of one-of-a-kind sculptures, the qualities of resilience, beauty, strength, vulnerability, and courage are immortalized so as to appreciate the innate and essential beauty of life. She uses the movement and fluidity of the human body to express an idea and the energies and vision she receives from her models are incorporated into the design. She steers away from having a certain style when it comes to her work and has multiple collections that all seem to have their own unique flare. 

“Our body is our temple and we are here on this earth for a certain time. It is the shell that keeps our heART alive. Transformation has always driven my work. My art begins to evolve and I feel waves of emotion. I see the purity of the soul surrounded by the different roads it can take. I see the spirit rising up and out of the universe. Certain themes in my life exemplify who I am and what I want my art to represent: insight, empowerment, inspiration, and passion. The beauty I see in colors, textures and the human soul, inspires me - Artista Elisabet

She is the founder of “I Cast 2 Empower”, an art initiative dedicated to raising awareness, supporting, empowering and inspiring breast cancer survivors, patients and in general people who want to create a lifetime keepsake of their bodies. Her spirituality and passion are manifested in her artistic world creating unique sculptures and canvas masterpieces inspired in "The Stories Behind the Scar" of breast cancer survivors.

November 14, 2014, is the official "I Cast 2 Empower" day, receiving a Proclamation by the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker. January 8, 2016 recognized by the White House of the United States for the ability to bring about positive change in the face of adversity and reflecting the fortitude of the American spirit and feat in the Houston Chronicle newspaper "how color and music inspires her palette". 

November 14, 2018 her newest lifetime sculpture collection "The Stories behind the Soul" HoUSton's Wonder Women, celebrated unity, diversity & womanhood. She is founder of the global heART’s outdoor mini-murals. 

March 28, 2015 is the official “global heART’s” day, receiving a Proclamation by the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker for the contribution towards our city’s visual improvement and economic development. 

Her soft spot for children and her relationship with a friend's son lead her to become involved with the Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH) and creating with the children. She re-designed the DSAH logo and lead art workshops with the DSAH children and was awarded as Artist of the Year 2011.